9. -13. September 2020


What is the benefit of an online festival?
How we can utilize this unfortunate but unique opportunity?
TOKYO GARDEN will be a place where we exhibit current Japanese artists’ works, but, will also be a chance to trace the origin of Japanese Media Art through talks, interviews and a sharing archive.
KEY: Online, 2020, TOKYO, CONTEXT, ARCHIVE, LIVE, Map the new world.

Seiichi Saito (JP)
Creative Director, Rhizomatiks
Director of TOKYO GARDEN, Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion

TOKYO GARDEN / Exhibition

  • Pre-recoded video


Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (JP), Yoichi Ochiai (JP), Hikaru Ebihara (JP), Yoko Ebara (JP), WOW (JP), Kazuhiro Naruse (JP), TBWA\HAKUHODO Team (JP)

A series of performances to update the orchestra experience using sensing and other technologies, directed by Yoichi Ochiai and Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. The "Sound Free Concert" (Tokyo Opera City), in which audiences with and without hearing impairments can enjoy an orchestra, will present a new way of listening to and experiencing music that moves back and forth between sight and hearing. “Crossing Un-Orchestra"(Tokyo Metropolitan Theater) will create an opportunity to listen to music with synesthesia through the intersection of digital and analog, Japanese and Western, and auditory and visual.
Director’s message
More than 90 years after the introduction of the orchestra to Japan, its mannerisms have not changed much, but in an age when the human senses can be expanded through the control of various devices, sensors, light and visuals, how can classical music be delivered to various people? The series continues to challenge the expansion. I hope to see this continue to make various attempts.

© Tairadate Taira

Inspired by the original work of:


23rd Japan Media Arts Festival / Entertainment Division Jury Selections
Multimedia production

  • "Clossing-UnOrchestra"
    © Tairadate Taira

  • "Sound-Free Concert 2019"
    © Atsushi Yamaguchi

  • © Tairadate Taira

  • © Tairadate Taira

  • © Atsushi Yamaguchi

  • © Mika Ninagawa

    Yoichi Ochiai (JP)

    Media Artist
    Born in 1987. Media artist. Ph.D. (Applied Computer Science / University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies in 2 years the fastest record). Director of the Center for the Development and Research of Digital Nature, University of Tsukuba, Associate Professor and JST CREST xDiversity Project Research Leader. Awards include World Technology Award in 2015, Prix Ars Electronica in 2016, STARTS Prize from the EU, Laval Virtual Award five times in a row for four years until 2017, SXSW Creative Experience ARROW Awards 2019 and more. His recent publications include Digital Nature (PLANETS), The World Atlas of 2030 (SB Creative), and a photo book, Adoring the Mass (amana). With the statement "Confront the materializing computer nature and ruminate on the longing and affection between mass and images," he continues to explore and express himself beyond the framework of research and artistic activities.

  • Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (JP)

    Japan Philharmonic Orchestra's history began in Tokyo in June 1956. Akeo WATANABE played an important role in founding the orchestra and became its first Principal Conductor. With a large repertoire and its unique performing style, JPO has soon become one of the leading orchestras in Japan. The orchestra had its 60th anniversary in 2016.
    While preserving its history and tradition, JPO aims for further development with three pillars of activities: “Orchestral Concerts” which present high-quality performances, “Educational Programs” which help expose music to not only children but also people of all generations, and “Regional Activities” which focus on contributing to communities through the power of music.
    With Chief Conductor Principal Pietari INKINEN from September 2016, Conductor Laureate Alexander LAZAREV, one of Russia’s great maestros, Honorary Conductor Laureate Ken-ichiro KOBAYASHI and Principal Conductor Kazuki YAMADA among other great conductors, the orchestra aims to improve its performing skills and share culture through music.
    JPO has a friendship agreement with Suginami Ward, Tokyo, since 1994, and continues to develop its music activities that are close to local communities. In addition, since April 2011, members of the orchestra have visited Tohoku region voluntarily to perform for the people in the disaster-stricken areas, making 294 visits as of June 2020.

Director: Yoichi Ochiai
Visual: WOW / Conductor: Hikaru Ebihara / Performance: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra / Lighting Design: Kazuhiro Naruse / Facilitator: Yoko Ebara / Piano: Duo Grace (Takako Takahashi & Rika Miyatani) / Tagline & PR Design: TBWA\HAKUHODO Team (JP)